. Halal Beef Jerky
The perfect snack anytime; at home or on the go. Midamar Beef Jerky is sure to be a favorite. No refrigeration required. Quality Midwest Beef with real Hickory smoke flavor, and absolutely NO MSG or other artificial preservatives.

Price: 2.5 oz. Pkg. $3.39 ea.


Buy: 5 Packages of above for $15.95

. . . Halal Beef Sticks
The perfect snack anytime. Midamar Beef Snack Sticks are sure to be a favorite. No refrigeration needed. Real Hickory smoke flavor, quality midwest beef and absolutely NO MSG.

1.125 oz. (2 Sticks) Pkg. Price: $1.39 ea.

Buy: Box of 16 Packages (32 Sticks) for $17.95

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